Brothers Is Now Live





Beth Conwell knows who killed her daughter but no one will listen to her. Police have released him of all wrongdoing. Still, Beth knows he did it. She’s been watching and all she needs to do to catch him is turn his world upside down. To do that she’ll have to slip into the monster’s lair on her own. All Beth wants is a little privacy with him. A little time alone. That’s all it’ll take to do what she needs to do. Maybe she’ll just scare him or maybe… just a little bit more than that.

In 2009 Out of the Gutter Magazine published this little gem in their anthology. What they didn’t tell me was that they lost my bio. Searching through the internet, the editors came across a writer by the same name. This was the first time I’d used my real name. Turned out to be a blunder I’ll never repeat again. So I check in the back of the contributor copy to see the other names listed. Fine bunch of folks! And then I saw my bio. Wait for it—Bestselling author Steven Barnes is there. I scrambled, emailed Steven right away. He was a good sport about it, said, ‘I hope it was a great story.’ I told him that it was. I hope they retracted the rest of the print line before publication.

And I added/subtracted some stuff in this edition that wasn’t in the OFTG story.  


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