New Stuff Coming 2012

It’s official. Wicked East Press to publish “Where There Be Dragons” for their anthology, “Here There Be Dragons”, coming later this year. Check them out here.

List of contributing writers:

The Last Dragon…..David Hayes
A Greater Hate…..Aaron Renfroe
Century…..LaVa Payne
A Griffin’s Tale…..Mel Obedoza
Alabaster Trout…..Bennie L. Newsome
Peng…..Douglas Poirier
The Fire Beneath The Sea…..Van Muller
Graveyard Shift…..Tom Howard
Dreaming of Dragons…..Jill Valuet
First Flight…..A.M. Burns
The Warriors Of The River Dragon…..Livia Finucci
“D” Is For Dragon…..K.G. McAbee
Blondes and Other Bad Habits…..Sarah Adams
A Trade Of Ice…..A.D. Spencer
The Crow Dragon…..M.E. Garber
The Dragon Tamer…..Brianna Stoddard
Ushim, The Dragon Of Sumer…..Richard Jay Goldstein

Dark Ink Publishing will be releasing my short story “Brothers” in their yet to be titled anthology.  Check them out here.

Just finished “The Wooden Box” couple weeks ago. Next week it’ll be going out to the markets. One of the best stories I’ve written in quite some time.

That’s all for now.


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